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Jonas Deubelbeiss was born in Switzerland and lives in the canton of Aargau. He discovered his talent as an artist early on. It's part of Him. He lived out his talent to the full while he was still at school.


Jonas Deubelbeiss is a multifaceted artist with a penchant for the beautiful and invigorating, who found himself in the world of physical and mental art and appeals to all of the viewer's senses with a unique style. The painter combines his passion for dancing in his sublime art, which touches the soul deeply. As yearning, powerful and explosive life can be, Deubelbeiss' works are just as sweeping, creative and expressive.


As an initial graffiti artist and tattoo motif artist who uses the human body as a canvas, he has developed over the years into a detached designer who continues to tell his first-class art history in abstract portraiture. With rhythm in his blood, love in his heart and exquisite feeling in his brush, he creates captivating paintings that honor his idols such as Picasso, Van Gogh and Kirkeby. His talent and attention to detail are clearly demonstrated to the viewer in his creations.  

At the exhibition and galleries, visitors can look forward to an imposing and fantastic journey into a world of fantasy, aspiration and fascination in its purest and most beautiful form. His works, exhibited in the original, are both attractive and imposing, penetrating deeply into the viewer's emotional experience while superbly reflecting the artist's impressions. Anyone who has dedicated their life to art is an artist in life. This is exactly what viewers of his work feel. His art is traded nationally and internationally.


"My customers get a work of art painted fresh from the soul, which directly transmits a positive and great force to them and they can feel completely free."


The positive transmission of power creates a haunting moment of interaction between the viewer and the painting.

"I want to offer my clients a work of art that they can feel connected to - it should speak freshly from the soul. Through my explosive style and direct language about the portraits, the works invite you to self-reflection. There should be a natural fresh peace with be created by yourself and bring pure joy to life."


The paintings by Jonas Deubelbeiss are like a living history book, inviting the viewer on a wonderful journey into himself.

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